Cups & Pints

Cupholder for six cupsĀ of 25cl-33cl and pints up to 55cl

Cups only

Cupholder for six cups of 18cl-33cl

Pints only

Pint holder 40 cl - 65 cl

Pet-bottles & Cups

Pet bottle and cup holder, cups up to 33 cl, 10 drinks in one hand

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Registered designs

Value for the sponsor

Ample print possibilities on handle, sustainable publicity (frequent reuse during many years). The Cupkeeper is not left behind on festival meadows or in stadiums.

Value for the organizer

More efficient bar handling, more beverage sales, no waste of cardboard beverage carriers and related huge cleanup costs.

Durable use of recyclable plastic (foodgrade polypropylene).

Value for the fan

Must-have gadget of favorite team, festival or artist because of branding. Efficient and convenient. Fun to use. Shorter waiting time during breaks of concerts, matches...

Durable plastic use instead of cardboard waste

Rock Werchter (RW) was a pioneer in Belgium when it banned all cardboard cup holders from its festival meadow. Koen Scholiers (Live Nation Belgium):

Until five years ago we used the cardboard trays of Jupiler. But festivalgoers threw these away. Thousands of cardboard trays had to be cleaned up, separated from other waste and finally recycled. The Cupkeeper has been an excellent alternative: first of all, it is not left behind since fans like the product and the RW branding on it. Secondly, the Cupkeeper speeds up the bar handling of drinks: festivalgoers take six beers in one hand (or even twelve beers in two hands). The Cupkeeper is sold at all bars in RW and the net profit is nice. Finally, fans reuse their Cupkeeper many times for several years.